Bloody Disgusting announced today that a federal judge has allowed Wesley Snipes to be released from prison to finish work on the nearly completed thriller Gallowwalker. Director Andrew Goth needed Snipes on set to complete reshoots for the movie, and it was confirmed that the judge signed off on the actor's request to be able to travel for work while he waits out the appeals process.

Early this year, Snipes was convicted of tax-evasion charges, but now he will be able to travel to London to finish off his latest masterpiece in the making. The film revolves around a gunfighter that kills all those who cross his path. His curse: Those who die by his hand will return to walk the Earth. After Snipes completes the reshoots on Gallowwalker, he will head to Bangkok to shoot the action film Chasing the Dragon for a reported eight weeks.

Neither film has a set release date at this time. Snipes is expected to spend three years in prison, but has remained free as his attorneys attempt to appeal his case.