has arrived and he's going to Hollywood! Who is Wets you ask? Ha Ha Ha! The only way to find out is to watch the film! Sunset and Vine will never be the same again! Wets is taking over LA and he pissed to say the least. We must thank honorary cast member javascript:void(0|Yo Joe Nelson for this amazing contribution!

Take a look at Lights Out's latest and greatest flick Wets Goes To Hollywood! Parental discretion is advised. You must be at least 44" in height to watch Wets!

Recently we posted some news about Death's End, our new zombie series! Well, we have one little problem right now, WE NEED ZOMBIES!!! So if you want to be a zombie in our new series, and you live within drivin distance of Orange County, CA, javascript:void(0|LET US KNOW right now! Don't miss out on all the action! javascript:void(0|Get Zombified TODAY!

In other movie news, Get Some Blow.com, the offical Blow website has posted some great making of videos. These look like they'll definitly end up on the DVD, but if you're like me and you loved this movie, you're gonna want to check these things out today! All drug lords... get some Blow.

And last but not least, Lights Out will soon be emarking on a journey to the Electronic Entertainment Expo with some candy asses from some other website. It's gonna be a blast! We will have the most intense E3 coverage you have ever seen when we get back from the party! In preperation check out these amazing videos from the Final Fantasy game for the PS2...coming soon.

That's it for now!

Stay tuned jerky...~Brian