We were given the opportunity to catch the season premiere of the third season of Heroes, and let me say that the third 'volume' of the show, titled Villains is going to be EPIC.

So, what can fans expect to see out of The Second Coming?

We discover who shot Nathan - and it's one of the last people you would ever have expected!

Ali Larter is back - but not as either Nikki or Jessica!

One of the major villains from the first season re-appears to forge an alliance with Nathan.

Sylar finally manages to get some 'alone time' with Claire, and emerges from the encounter stronger than ever before!

In addition to definitively answering the question of whether or not Sylar eats brains, Sylar also gets his hands on a listing of every superpowered person that the Company had files on.

Hiro's new nemesis, the super-speedster Daphne, makes her first appearance, and manages to steal something that the Nakamura family has been holding on to for generations.

We will get to see more of the dark future we've seen earlier glimpses of, with hints that major changes are in store for Claire, Hiro and Ando.

Mohinder finally manages to crack the genetic secret behind superpowers, and finds a way that could possibly cure them - or grant them to normal humans!

We also will see some of the Company's mysterious 'Level 5', where superpowered prisoners are kept, and finally by the end of the episode viewers will realize that one hero isn't who we thought they were.

Intrigued? Excited? I am, and I already saw the episode! You'll get your chance to see all the amazing surprises in store when the season premiere of Heroes, titled The Second Coming, airs on September 22!