Weyes Blood's latest music video for "Everyday" turns into a bloodbath and is a tribute to the classic slasher films of the 1980s. Natalie Mering has been making music under the Weyes Blood moniker, which she took from the Flannery O'Connor novel Wise Blood, for nearly a decade now and is preparing to release her new album on Sub Pop records, titles Titanic Rising. The album, which drops on April 5th, is her first with the classic label.

Upon first glance at Weyes Blood's "Everyday" video, something isn't right. The song is light and happy, but the visuals are dark, even though nothing really happens at the beginning. A group of young friends meets at a cabin in the woods to party and everything is going great until a mystery killer starts slashing guests one-by-one. Everybody is killed except for Weyes Blood by the end of the video, leading to questions about who the real murderer is. As the video comes to a close, we learn that it was directed by Natalie Mering.

When talking about the "Everyday" video on social media, Weyes Blood said that she cast some of her "bloody friends" and that it isn't for "the faint of heart." The musician was correct in that assumption. While none of the violence is too gory, we do see quite a bit of blood and stabbing. It's a cool juxtaposition to the 70s AM pop song that Weyes Blood wrote with some musicians last year, in what she calls "the sacred year of 2018." According to an early description, Titanic Rising "builds upon the lovely blues of Front Row Seat To Earth," Weyes Blood's last album.

Weyes Blood has been compared to Joni Mitchell more than a few times for her ability to weave personal stories, politics, and universal themes into her music. Comparisons are always a bit tricky, but if the "Everyday" video is your first exposure to her music, do yourself a favor and check out Front Row Seat to Earth, which takes some of the 70s AM pop music elements from her latest song with unsettling electronica buried deep below the surface, which just like the new 80s slasher video, brings a new life into the song.

While 2018 may have been a sacred year for Weyes Blood, 2019 is looking to be her biggest yet. With Sub Pop on her side, a new record, and a lengthy tour ahead of her, Natalie Mering's name is about to get spread over a lot of new places. Additionally, the 1980s slasher video for "Everyday" is already starting to get new ears glued to Weyes Blood and her unconventional pop songs. Weyes Blood begins her tour on April 1st in Fresno, California and then moves on to Europe at the end of April. You can watch the video for "Everyday" below, thanks to the Weyes Blood YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick