According to Variety, the WGA (Writer's Guild of America) plans to picket the Golden Globes ceremonies on Jan. 13, assuming it's still on strike at that point. The move means that actors are unlikely to cross the picket line, although SAG (Screen Actors Guild) said only that it was seeking reaction from members who have been nominated before announcing its plans.

A WGA spokesman confirmed the decision to picket, a day after the WGA turned down a request for a waiver from Dick Clark Prods., producer of the Golden Globes. The WGA's also denied a waiver request from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for use of clips and has said it won't OK an interim agreement for writing services so long as it's on strike.

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However, due to security precautions, it's possible that someone would attend the ceremony and never see the pickets. Everyone who wants to get within a block of the Beverly Hilton needs a credential. Oscarcast security in years past has mandated that protesters be relegated to an area a few blocks away from the Kodak, and it's quite possible a similar arrangement will occur with picketers at the Golden Globes.