It's David Lynch's 74th birthday and he gifted fans with a new short murder mystery on Netflix. The 17-minute short finds the legendary director interrogating a monkey murder suspect. The birthday present is titled, What Did Jack Do?, and it's classic surreal Lynch with a synopsis that reads: "In a locked down train station, a homicide detective conducts an interview with a tormented monkey." Lynch is the homicide detective, while his co-star is a monkey named Jack.

What Did Jack Do? is shot in black and white and originally premiered back in Paris in 2017, and later screened at the NYC Festival of Disruption. So, this isn't exactly a Netflix exclusive, though it hasn't been released anywhere else. This also means that David Lynch fans should not expect to see the director doing a lot more with Netflix, since that has already been speculated about this morning. Additionally, this information should not take away from the enjoyment of seeing something that not many Lynch fans have ever seen.

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Watching David Lynch interrogating a capuchin monkey accused of murder is just as funny and absurd as it sounds. Jack, the suited monkey, even talks back to Lynch's detective character, adding to the surreal feel. What Did Jack Do? has a grainy look that not only makes it seem like it could be old, but from another time or era as a whole. The way it's shot could be from the future as it has a timeless feel with the talking capuchin monkey accused of a gruesome murder.

In order to get a better idea of what the short film is about, here's some sample dialogue. David Lynch states, "They found feathers." Jack looks at him and replies, "Bullsh*t," to which Lynch questions, "Are you calling me a liar? I know why the chicken crossed the road." Jack is giving it back as Lynch tries to twist the knife in and get to the bottom of the murder mystery. While it sounds weird, it's even weirder than you're imagining in your head right now, so make sure to take 17 minutes and stream it on Netflix right now.

What Did Jack Do? mainly stars the capuchin monkey and David Lynch, but Emily Stofle (Twin Peaks star and David Lynch's wife), also makes an appearance towards the end. There definitely are a lot of people celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr. today who did not expected to see a surprise short film from David Lynch. Not even Lynch's fans expected to see a talking monkey murder mystery. While the short isn't a Netflix exclusive, there are hopes that the director will continue to work with the streaming platform in the future. For now, we'll just have to wait and see while giving the director some birthday wishes. You can head over to the official Netflix streaming app to check out What Did Jack Do?.