Hey kids! Nothing too crazy has been happening lately (except for that Star Wars trailer, which looks great, despite showing a little too much), leaving us with a special update involving only entertainment related websites! None of that educational non-internet related crap here…

Movie PictureWhat the hell is a

believed to be a strange birdlike creature whose presence in 1965 brought chaos to the local community in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Strange and unusual occurrences happened within the town, which culminated to the collapse of a bridge where 46 people died. Witnesses claimed to have seen the Mothman on the bridge as it collapsed. Since then, random sightings have occurred throughout the world. No one can explain the mysterious occurrences around this legend.

In an internet campaign resembling the Blair Witch’s mysterious website, Sony’s upcoming movie (of what genre? No freakin clue) “The Moth Man Prophecies” is up. Give it a look and find out why people are on the lookout for something resembling “one hell of a pigeon.”

Click here for more info if you dare...

At one time, color celluloid was amazing. A couple years ago, DVD was revolutionary. Well strap yourselves in kids, because Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson bring you the next huge step in entertainment: Website commentary! That’s right, The Royal Tenenbaum’sofficial website has commentary by renowned minus man, Owen Wilson- Watch out world!

The following update is dedicated to the Lights Out message board: Full house fanatics and former pedophiles alike have just months until they can legally try and get their groove on with the Olsen Twins. How much time, exactly? Find out here, and keep tabs by the second on when it’s legal to start sending those naked pictures of yourself to the Olsen Twins fan club.

Donnie Darko is a crazy movie. Good crazy. Literally. ~Steve