Formula 51: We landed a nice clip of Formula 51 for you to feast your eyes upon.

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The Ring: Ain't It Cool had a secret screening of The Ring this weekend, and from what people are saying, it looks like it's getting mixed reviews. Here's what 'Frankie' had to say about the film:

"I was at the AICN private screening for the Ring, LIGHTS OUT rules and I feel obliged to let you guys know.

Now going into this screening I didn't know what we were seeing, when I found out it was the The Ring I was excited. I mean I read all the hype surrounding this film, It is a remake of a foreign film that was supposed to be scary as hell and all things point to The Ring being a great.

Now when I think of "Horror" films I think of The Exorcist, The Thing, Halloween, The Entity, The Shining, Alien, great horror films, These movies were amazing and really scared the fucking shit out of me at one point or another, I'm not a big fan of the Scream type horror film, The first Scream was o.k. because it was the first movie of that kind, but now we get the Urban Legends, or the I Know Who the Killer Is Because This Movie Sucks This Summer type horror films...13 Ghosts sucked balls, The House On Haunted Hill wasn't scary. Now Rosemary's Baby is scary.

Now having said all that, I'll say this, I really enjoyed the Ring and it could belong on that list of all-time great horror films. Now they did say before the show that the film was an early cut and Dreamworks is re-shooting a scene, basically that there could be changes to the film by its release date. The film had legitimate scary scenes, I give and I give Dreamworks credit for trying to make a great Horror film. This film is definitely worth seeing, more so then most of the hyped up stuff we've been given this summer. The video tape in the movie is creepy as hell, the whole tone of the movie and the way it is shot is effective and scary.

This movie could have easily taken a Event Horizon turn for the worse but it didn't! I'm sure the film can only be better by its release date, with some fine tuning it could be a classic."

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Swept Away: Madonna's Ashram have posted a ton of new photos from the latest Guy Ritchie / Madonna vehicle, Swept Away. CLICK HERE to take a look. Thanks to Dark Horizons for the heads up.

Tomb Raider 2: A scooper at Dark Horizons today has revealed some interesting plotlines from the upcoming Tomb Radier 2 film:

During the typical Greek wedding, the volcano of Santorini suddenly explodes and triggers earthquakes, whilst an ancient city rises from the bottom of the sea. This ties in with the underwater sequences rumored to be a part of the film's opening act.

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Dreamcatcher: Jason Lee talked to CHUD at Comic-con this year about his upcoming role in Stephen King's Dreamcatcher. He also talked a bit about the script for the prequel to Fletch! CLICK HERE

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Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones: You can now pre-order the 2 DVD disc set from Amazon as well as a slew of other places! Check out Lights Out's DVD Dungeon for more details.

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