According to The Hollywood Reporter, Most of Hollywood's major studios have joined in the media buying frenzy over the much-anticipated "Friends" finale tonight by advertising such big-budget summer films as Van Helsing, Spider-Man 2 and The Day After Tomorrow during the sitcom's finale at an average of $2 million for a 30-second spot. Universal Studios, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures, Disney and Warner Bros.

The pictures all will be airing ads for their current or soon-to-be-released films. With the "Friends" hourlong finale expected to draw an estimated 40 million-50 million viewers, the show offers advertisers an increasingly rare opportunity to reach a mass audience of American consumers.

"It clearly has become more and more difficult to reach the illusive 18-35 audience and it is a powerful audience that 'Friends' attracts. It's contemporary, it's hip, it's relevant," said Devery Holmes, president of entertainment marketing firm Norm Marshall & Associates.