The Good

The Bad

Watching What’s Happening!! - The Complete Third Season was like seeing an old friend. I remember coming home from school in the fifth grade and these shows were playing in syndication. I loved seeing Raj, Rerun and Dwayne get themselves into trouble and then scramble around trying to get themselves out. Their ability to do all of that in a 30 minute time frame was an amazing feat, but somehow, both then and now, I always found myself believing it. As this show was in it’s third season, they really started spicing things up by showing more of Dee and Shirley’s stories.

What’s Happening!! - The Complete Third Season is a fine addition to any self respecting DVD collector’s collection.


No extras came with this DVD.


Full Screen. 1.33:1. These shows look really well transferred. I don’t know if they were shot on a different kind of film stock, but the color and pictures look “tighter” than on some of the other TV on DVD shows I have screened from the 1970s. Sure, the characters on this show are all wearing “loud” clothes, but I didn’t find that the camera or lighting had nearly as hard a time with them as it did with other shows.


Dolby Digital. Close Captioned. My only bone of contention with the sound is that sometimes the jokes seemed too telegraphed. As if a line was only said so that it would be a good set up for a punchline. As What’s Happening!! - The Complete Third Season is a comedy, I really can’t fault the show too much for that, I just found that when I was younger I laughed a little more. Maybe I was also a little too familiar with some of these episodes?


Dwayne, Rerun and Raj are splashed across the front cover with big smiles on their faces. The colors behind them are a mix of two-tone, 1970s blues. The back features a shot of the cast and two pictures from different episodes of the show. There is a good description of this DVD’s contents as well as a technical specs list. This 3 disc set is nicely packaged in a very easy to access box cover format. While it may not be a digipack, it still looks really good.

Final Word

I wonder if there is a book or some papers written on African American’s and their affect on American Culture through TV. I say this because when I first started collecting TV on DVD, my first purchase was “Diff’Rent Strokes”. After that I started buying “All In the Family”, but I think you get my point. Look at “Sanford and Son”,“Good Times”, and “What’s Happening!!”. These are all shows that I remember watching as a young boy. They had such an impact on me and what I think is really interesting was I didn’t see the character’s as black or white. They were just people dealing with real life situations that I would eventually face one day.

People might only see something like What’s Happening!! - The Complete Third Season as just entertainment, but to do that is to only see half the show.

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