As the series draws to an end, anticipation is high with the respect on how it all will end. We've dug up a few reports, some with spoilers and some without, on how things are doing on the various sets of The X-Files final season.

Our first bit comes to us from Cinescape's recent interview with executive producer Chris Carter. With Chris Carter still looking for closure for the end of the series, he shared his thoughts on how things are coming along:

“You’re asking me as I’m sitting here writing on the Presidents’ Day holiday – no one’s at the studio but me. I don’t feel relief at all. I feel burdened with the opportunity I see to do some really good work as we end the year.”

IGN's Filmforce also reported this week that Chris Carter still plans to produce another X-Files movie within a of the show's series finale:

"It's definite [in so far] as everyone has expressed their desire to do it, including the studio. I hope to write it over the summer, prep it over the fall and spring, and shoot it late spring and next summer. I think you would end up seeing it in 2004 – I have rough ideas and I'm sort of deciding what to do."

When asked about his plans on answering those long time looming questions about the show's mythology, Carter responded that ALL questions will not be answered by the end of the series, and that he hopes to draw some of the questions out into the next movie.

Movie Picture

With all the X-Files excitement rolling around, die hard fans are most excited about the return of David Duchovny, not only as "Mulder", the character that made his career, but as an episode director as well!

Duchovny is set to direct April 28th's episode, William. A UK X-Files site has posted some pics from Duchovny directed episode...WARNING! These pictures DO contain some spoilers!

CLICK HERE for Duchovny, Anderson, and (Cancer Man's son??)

CLICK HERE for shot 1 from William.

CLICK HERE for shot 2 from William.

Movie Picture

On another series finale note, Ain't It Cool News reports that Jump he Shark, which airs this Sunday (4/21) will feature the entire cast of The Lone Gunmanwhich has since been canceled. Here's are the details that Ain't It Cool supplied about the episode:

Doggett, Reyes and Scully find themselves thrust together with the Lone Gunmen and Morris Fletcher. Morris approaches Doggett and Reyes with new information about the Super Soldiers who threaten Mulder. When they turn to the Lone Gunmen and Jimmy Bond, their search leads them to Yves Adele Harlow. At first mistaking Yves for a Soldier herself, the agents and the Gunmen soon learn that she is hot on the trail of a group of bio-terrorists who are hell-bent on releasing a deadly toxin into the world.

For some exclusive behind the scenes photos, and the most recent news on The X-Files season finale, keep checking out this page right here.

Stay tuned...~Brian