Recently, Robert over at broke the news that a Justice League of America movie was being rushed to into production for a summer of 2009 release date.

While attending The Nines press day, we found out that Ryan Reynolds was still in the running to play JLA's The Flash, but he was coy with most of the reporters he talked to, cautious not to spill too much about the production or his involvement in it. He has been a favorite to play the character for awhile now, and will likely don the red suit with the yellow lightning bolt when the film goes into production early in 08.

RELATED: Ben Affleck's Batman Return in The Flash Movie May Not Amount to Much Screen Time is also confirming that George Miller, known for such films as The Road Warrior and Babe: Pig In The City, will be directing this giant undertaking.

Today, confirmed that neither Brandon Routh nor Christian Bale would be reprising their DC Comics roles in the film. It is widely known that both Superman and Batman are the main characters in the JLA film. So, it looks like all new actors will be playing both roles.

Casting is scheduled to begin next week.

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