Batman Begins: A reader over at Dark Horizons has submitted some new info on what kind of content to expect next in hype of the next Batman film...

"Expect Batsuit pictures (clearer ones this time) in June with (firstly) The Hollywood Insider, and then expect the onslaught to continue. Warner Bros. hasn't fully decided to release more character photos, like Michael Caine's Alfred, Katie Holmes' Rachel, Gary Oldman's Gordon, etc. but they could be seen also this coming June. Also, if you don't already know, cast & crew interviews and "official" set pics will be added to the next issue of Movie Insider.
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Expect a teaser trailer to debut with either "Harry Potter" in June, or possibly "Catwoman" in July although I've been told the first movie is confirmed though. Something will also happen big with San Diego Comic-Con...expect BB to have a big presence there...and that's all I can say".

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.