Where do the Simpsons really live? Well, we know they live in Springfield, but what state is Springfield in? Well, we all know the answer to this one, too. The Springfield we see on the TV show is in the state of Oregon. Matt Groening lives in Oregon. The Enchanted Forest has been on the show. So, why not just have the premier there? That's where they did the first test screeing.

Oh, well. Oregon can't win them all. According to USA TODAY, 20th Century Fox is holding a contest to see which of 14 US cities named Springfield will get the premier of The Simpsons Movie. This is what they had to say:

"The Simpsons Movie live in Springfield. But which Springfield? That's always been unclear. So now, 14 cities named Springfield are competing to be the best "real-life" Springfield and win a special yellow-carpet premiere of The Simpsons Movie on July 26. The winner will be determined by your votes on USATODAY.com in early July.

20th Century Fox has asked participating Springfields in Massachusetts, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, New Jersey, Florida, Michigan, Kentucky, Nebraska, Colorado, Louisiana and Vermont (Township) to submit three- to five-minute films showcasing each community's "Simpson Spirit" by June 28. The films will be posted on USATODAY.com for site readers to select the Springfield that most deserves the premiere. Voting ends July 9, and the winning city will be announced on or around July 10. The movie arrives in theaters July 27."