Billy Crystal has signed on to write, produce and star in The Jim Henson Co.'s animated adaptation Which Witch.

The project is based on Eva Ibbotson's 1979 novel of the same name, which centers on a wizard who decides to hold a contest for the seven witches of Todcaster, with the winner set to be his new bride.

Jim Henson's son Brian Henson will direct Which Witch and serve as a producer alongside Billy Crystal, Lisa Henson and Samantha Sprecher.

Here's what Billy Crystal had to say about the project in a statement to Variety, where the actor reveals he co-wrote the screenplay with Michael Feldman.

"When Brian Henson called me about it, I didn't know the book. But it's a fantastic story, and I brought in a wonderful writer, Michael Feldman, and we've written a terrific and inventive script. I'll play a character as well, which will be great fun because he actually has two eyes."

Lisa Henson revealed that casting for the other roles is currently under way, and the producers are finalizing negotiations with a digital animation studio and a foreign financier. Production will get under way early next year.

Billy Crystal is no stranger to the animation world, voicing Mike Wazowski in Pixar's Monsters Inc., Monsters University and the short film Party Central.