The Good

Kate Beckinsale.

The Bad

We have seen this film many times before?Whiteout tells the tale of Carrie (Kate Beckinsale). She is a U.S. Marshal working out of a research station in the Antarctic. When somebody gets murdered (the first one to ever happen in that area), she is in race against time to figure out who did it. First of all, she must contend with the weather conditions of that region, secondly, there is six months of winter darkness on the horizon and this will make solving the problem that much harder. Thirdly, and probably most important, is the fact that the person who committed the first murder seems to be coming after her!

Alright, I didn't expect too much from this film so in that regard I wasn't really disappointed. There was just something about this film that seemed to scream straight-to-video. Probably the biggest giveaway is the fact that this is a Kate Beckinsale movie, released by Warner Bros. and I had no idea that it was even coming out until a few days before its release.

This may not be the worst Blu-ray disc I have ever reviewed but Whiteout ve been aptly titled... Wipeout.


The Coldest Thriller Ever

This featurette brings interested parties into the world of making Whiteout. We get to hear from cast members like Kate Beckinsale, her castmates, and other members of the Whiteout crew about what it was like to make this film in less than comfortable conditions. While this featurette doesn't really do anything to make this film (or Blu-ray disc) stand out, it wasn't uninteresting and in many ways plays as a nice companion piece with the film.

Additional Scenes

Whiteout: From Page to Screen

When one realizes that this movie is based on a graphic novel, I think that makes this whole film easier to understand. Studios love anything based on existing properties because it guarantees something of an audience. In this section of the BRD we get to hear from writer Greg Rucka, artist Steve Lieber and others as they talk about bringing this movie to the big screen. I think this featurette could have easily been combined with The Coldest Thriller Ever piece, however.


1080p High Definition - 16x9. This movie didn't look bad on Blu-ray but I guess I expected more form Dominic Sena and his director of photography Chris Soos. This film moves at nice pace and it is filled to the brim with whites and blues. All of this translates well to the Blu-ray format while never getting too overdone. I guess I just wanted the camerawork and the film to be a bit more dynamic.


Dolby TrueHD: English, French and Spanish 5.1. Subtitled in English, French and Spanish. The audio on this Blu-ray disc was quite good. A lot of of work has gone into making the theme of Whiteout a big deal here. It takes place in a cold environment, the characters are cold, the mood is cold, the ambience is cold, etc. All of this works to great effect here and it is aided and backed up by the audio that is in place.


A white as a ghost Kate Beckinsale is shown on this front cover. She holds a gun and there are snowflakes falling all around her. The back of this cover gives us three images from this movie, a Special Features listing, a description of what this movie is about, a cast list and technical specs for your player.

Final Word

I knew that we were in trouble with this film when Kate Beckinsale, during a press junket to promote this movie on this site, admitted that even she hadn't seen it.