Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to the German blockbuster Who Am I, which has earned more than 6 million Euros ($7.59 million US) since debuting in late September, for an American remake.

Baran bo Odar directed the original German thriller, which centers on a young man (Tom Schilling) who gets drawn into a hacking organization. The plot begins with the man telling his story to Europol agents, which includes a crime spree that made him and his cohorts targets of the Russian mafia, who brutally kill three of the hackers in a hotel room. The film has been performing quite well in Germany, earning nearly the same amount as American hits Gone Girl and Dracula Untold.

Kevin McCormick is producing through his Langley Park company, although no writer or director have been attached to the remake at this time. Jesse Ehrman and Nik Mavinkurve are overseeing the project for Warner Bros.

Baran bo Odar made his directorial debut with last year's thriller The Silence. It isn't clear when the original Who Am I will debut in the United States yet.