Twenty years after Who Framed Roger Rabbit premiered on the big screen, producer Frank Marshall told MTV News that he's still "open" to the possibility of another film, derailed in the mid-90s because of what would have then been cost-prohibitive special effects:

"It came pretty close. We shot a test. We had a script. But unfortunately, we didn't have computer generated animation quite yet - it was just too expensive," Marshall explained of the untitled sequel project, Roger Rabbit 2. "If you think about it, in the original movie there's really only 48 minutes of animation and in the new movie - or in that movie - he was in everything. So it went from 48 minutes of animation to over 100 minutes of animation. RELATED: Disneyland's Roger Rabbit Ride Is Giving Jessica Rabbit a Modern Update

"I remember we shot the test to try and see how much we could do with digital props - We weren't even into digital characters yet," Marshall continued. "The idea was to see what we could do with digital props as opposed to what we did in the original movie where everything was puppeted - all the props were puppeted by strings and wires and poles."

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