Christopher Lloyd's favorite scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is pretty disturbing. Lloyd recently participated in a Q&A session to promote the new Disney+ series Prop Culture, which is where he revealed his favorite scene from the iconic movie. The actor portrayed the villainous Judge Doom in the groundbreaking 1988 live-action/animated comedy and he served up quite a few nightmares for children in the process over the years.

When asked about his favorite scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Christopher Lloyd did not hesitate. He immediately went into the part in the movie where his Judge Doom character pulls out a helpless animated shoe and places it in the Dip. The liquid was created to kill toons and Doom was showing off its potential. He had this to say when justifying his opinion.

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"I know that is mean and cruel and a lot of people said it gave them nightmares... Well, some of the first Disney films I ever saw, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, etc., there was always something horrible done then, and I would have nightmares. So, it's kind of payback."

Christopher Lloyd was also asked about his favorite prop from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which he revealed to be the cane. However, he did not keep it. Lloyd has only kept one prop from all of his years of acting and it's kind of peculiar. All he kept was a shirt with trains on it that Emmett "Doc" Brown wore in Back to the Future 3. It's a great shirt, but one has to wonder why it made the cut out of all the projects the actor has been a part of over the years.

In addition to talking about his favorite props, Christopher Lloyd revealed one part about Judge Doom that was his idea. Throughout Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Doom never blinks, which was all from Lloyd. Since the character was a toon pretending to be human, there was no need for him to ever blink. It's a small, yet vital part about the villain that pays off at the end when it's revealed that he is an evil toon. The character was pretty frightening for a movie made for children.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit still looks fresh today, over 30 years since it hit theaters. The groundbreaking live-action and animation hybrid was revolutionary for the time and it went on to inspire the future of animation and CGI. Disney+ debuts Prop Culture today and Disney fans will get some background information on the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland and how it connects to The Curse of the Black Pearl. And now, when fans go back to watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit, they can point out that the most disturbing scene is Christopher Lloyd's favorite part of the entire movie. You can check out the Q&A below, thanks to the Disney+ Twitter account.