More than 20 years after a famed animated rabbit hit the silver screen, we now have word that he may be sequelized in the near future. MTV recently spoke to director Robert Zemeckis, who was promoting his new film Disney's a Christmas Carol, and he revealed that a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is in development.

"There's a script that's being developed," Zemeckis told the site. "We've got the original writers that are working on it now - (Peter) Seaman and (Jeffrey) Price."

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Zemeckis also spoke to the number of proposed sequels, prequels and other films that were in various stages of development over the years, but all of which fell through.

"I think there was a time right after the movie came out that the Disney regime at the time - it was a point in the life of the studio where if you made a successful movie they could no longer afford to hire you back," he laughed. "I guess there were some projects that I don't know anything about."

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