It was recently announced that director Robert Zemeckis was moving forward with a sequel to his animated classic, and now it seems he'll be implementing new technology into the sequel. According to MTV Movies Blog, director Robert Zemeckis revealed that his sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? will feature motion-capture technology in the sequel.

During a recent interview with MTV News' Josh Horowitz, Zemeckis made his clearest statement yet that he'll use mo-cap for the human actors and that the movie will be partly in 3-D. RELATED: Disneyland's Roger Rabbit Ride Is Giving Jessica Rabbit a Modern Update

"All the other characters that [the cartoons] would sort of have fun with would be magnificent in performance capture technology," he explained.

Zemeckis did reveal though that he likely wouldn't use 3-D technology with the cartoon characters, only live-action characters.

"I wouldn't use it for the cartoon characters, because I think they should stay two-dimensional because that's what - I wouldn't dimensonalize Roger," he said. "And I couldn't dimensonalize Jessica even if I wanted to because she doesn't have a nose. We wouldn't want to give her a nose."

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