POW! Entertainment announced that its critically praised hit reality series Who Wants To Be a Superhero? starring Stan Lee has been green lighted for a second expanded season by NBC Universal SCI FI Channel.

The SCI FI Channel announced the news and it simultaneously was released in both the Hollywood Reporter and the Daily Variety. SCI FI stated that not only did it pickup a second season of POW!'s co-produced reality series but they have expanded it from six to ten one-hour episodes.

Season one received a "Four Star" rating from People Magazine, graced the front page of USA Today, took the cover of Direct TV and was featured on the Tonight Show and the Today Show, along with numerous other positive reviews. The first season's ratings more than doubled the year-to-date time period average among viewers 18-34, increased the number of 18-49 viewers by +74%, and grew the 25-54 audience by +44%. With 30% of the audience under the age of 18, the median age of the show's audience was 31.9, 14 years younger than SCI FI's median primetime age. Overall, the show brought 2.9 million new viewers to the Channel.

"Who Wants To Be a Superhero? was a success for us on many levels last summer," SCI FI Executive VP, Original Programming Mark Stern said. "The show garnered great reviews, attracted a record-breaking number of younger viewers to the Channel and held its own against some very stiff competition on Thursday nights."

"After all these years as a writer, I never thought I'd be on the other side of the camera starring in a far-out TV series," said Stan Lee. "But, now that I've had a taste of it, there's no stoppin' me! The great guys at the SCI FI Channel have unleashed us to cook up ten new, wilder-than-ever episodes. So, Heroes, hang on to your Spandex, 'cause the best is yet to come!"

"The next season of Superhero promises to be even more exciting than the first. Expect bigger and more thrilling challenges, and more unexpected twists and turns this season," said Co-Executive Producer, Bruce Nash.

The series is co-produced by Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment in partnership with the SCI FI Channel US and Bruce Nash's Nash Entertainment. Stan Lee will be returning as the star of the show who presides over the contestants in a Donald Trump fashion, as the ultimate judge of superhero character. Under his watchful eye a chosen lucky few will compete in challenges that test their mettle and the virtues of a true superhero. The last season's winner is being immortalized in his very own comic book currently being created by Stan Lee.