It's hard to imagine that casting speculation has ever been as great for any character as it has been for the role of Wonder Woman in George Miller's Justice League of America.

Previously, we reported that Teresa Palmer had won the role, but that no longer seems to be set in stone.

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Australia's Daily Telegraph reports that runway model Megan Gale (Stealth) has been short-listed for the role originally rumored to belong to Jessica Bale. The Daily Telegraph further says that Gale has been spotted paying visits to Fox Studios in recent weeks, which is where the film is to be shot.

Meanwhile, May Elizabeth Winstead (Live Free or Die Hard, Grindhouse) tells MTV News that she remains hopeful about her chances for being cast, even going so far as to consider what sort of personal training she might need for the role. "I was so excited [to audition]. It would be the biggest honor in the world to play an icon like that," she enthused. "We'll see. I keep thinking about all of the physical training I could do, bulking up and getting some muscles. I've never seen myself like that before!"

Numerous other actresses have also been suggested for the role, including Shannyn Sossamon and Christina Milan. Winstead comments "It's funny because I didn't really see anybody else [auditioning] when I went in, so I was learning along with everyone else all the different names," she confessed. "It was fun to go on the message boards and see what people were saying, speculating on the rumors. I know they'll make the right choice, and whoever it is will be great, I'm sure."

Interestingly, Winstead has a previous Wonder Woman connection. She acted opposite the original Wonder Woman of TV, Lynda Carter, in the 2005 Disney film Sky High.