Alien vs. Predator: In this election year, our country is divided as it hasn’t been in years. Debates rage, tempers flare…lines are drawn. Radio DJs can’t stop talking about one particular contest, on which even Vegas bookmakers are laying odds.

Is it Kerry vs. Bush? Nope. Liberals vs. Conservatives? No way. Today’s hottest debates center on who will prevail in the new motion picture thriller ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, in which the iconic monsters from two of the scariest film franchises ever, battle each other on Earth.

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Movie Picture

20th Century Fox believes that your opinion counts. So, weigh in with whom you think you think will rule in this ultimate battle royale, at Then, check out the tally at the Official AVP Real-Time Billboard, on the southwest corner of Olympic and Barrington, in West Los Angeles.

But remember -- no matter who wins…we lose.

ALIEN VS. PREDATOR blasts-off in theaters nationwide on August 13.