Fox has delayed the release dates for both X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants, but it sounds like they had pretty good reasons for doing so. Originally, both movies were set to debut in 2018, with New Mutants originally set to arrive in April and Dark Phoenix slated for November. However, The New Mutants has now been bumped back for a second time and X-Men 7 has been pushed out of the calendar year as well. So, why did Fox decided to make these moves?

Starting with X-Men: Dark Phoenix, its original release date was November 2, but it has been moved to February 14, 2019, a date once occupied by Channing Tatum's long-gestating Gambit movie. Simon Kinberg, longtime writer and producer of the X-Men franchise, makes his directorial debut with Dark Phoenix. According to a new report, the movie was tested recently and the studio decided to order some reshoots. This is common practice on major blockbusters these days. However, with a cast that includes major stars like Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence, things apparently got a bit tricky.

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The cast of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which takes place a decade after the events of X-Men: Apocalypse and will adapt the beloved Marvel Comics storyline, are busy with other obligations. Reportedly, they won't be able to get together for these reshoots until August or September. That would have been cutting it terribly close to the November release date. Rather than rush it, Fox decided to push the release date by a few months. While that may frustrate some eager fans, it seems better than rushing Simon Kinberg. Ultimately, if we get a better movie out of the deal, it's in everyone's best interests.

As for New Mutants? Things get a bit more tricky. Director Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) already had his movie delayed until February 22, 2019, previously, but now it's not slated to arrive until August 20, 2019. Following a test screening that went well, Fox decided they wanted to do some reshoots and add a new character, expected to be Warlock, to New Mutants in order to heighten the scary factor. The studio and Boone have been leaning heavily on the horror angle with this one.

However, Fox reportedly really wants New Mutants to stand out tonally in the way that Logan and Deadpool did. Josh Boone was happy with his initial cut of the movie, but now Fox reportedly wants to reshoot as much as 50 percent of the movie and add in two new characters who will be more than just a cameo. They'll appear throughout the movie. This has led to some creative differences between Boone and the studio.

With that, the situation with New Mutants is complicated, but even so, the reason for the delay makes sense. They need to sort this out before unleashing a sub-par X-Men spin-off on the world. Despite the clashing on New Mutants, it sounds like Fox is trying to do the right thing and isn't delaying these movies because they need to extinguish some miserable, stinky garbage fire. Still, it means the only X-Men movie coming out this year is Deadpool 2. That'll have to do. This news comes to us courtesy of Collider.

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