It's the ultimate endgame, as Breaking Bad meets Justified in the new action thriller Wicked Blood! Backed by an all-star cast, Academy Award nominee Abigail Breslin is Hannah, a teenage girl desperate to free her family from the corrupt Southern underworld of violence, guns, meth and biker gangs that surrounds them. A chess-wiz, Hannah lives with her older sister, Amber (Alexa Vega), and her drug-addicted Uncle Donny (Lew Temple) and they all live in fear of "Uncle Frank" (Sean Bean) Stinson, who runs the powerful crime organization in a ruthless manner. But when Amber falls in love with Wild Bill Owens (James Purefoy) an outlaw biker, meth trafficker and Stinson family rival, it's Hannah who devises a plan to pit one against the other in a cunning game of revenge. We have an exclusive look at Wicked Blood with a new featurette. Watch as Abigail Breslin breaks down her character 'Hannah'.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange