Nintendo has made a decision regarding their Wii console that could boost its popularity even more.

In a story from Video Business, it seems that the gamemaker is going to offer "DVD movie playback" on the new console. Apparently, the Wii will be updated with "the feature in 2007, using a software engine provided by Sonic Solutions."

It seems "back when the Wii was code-named Revolution, DVD playback was part of the specification via a small internal add-on. After last May's Electronic Entertainment Expo, however, DVD compatibility disappeared from the feature list. In September, Nintendo explained the removal as market-driven, as DVD players were so inexpensive and pervasive that the company saw little need to add extra hardware options to the Wii that would drive up the cost for consumers."

There is currently no explanation about why Nintendo decided to make the switch. The company hasn't officially "announced the feature, which was made public in a Sonic press release."