Wild Boar is an upcoming horror film from Academy Award winning special effects & character creation artist, Barney Burman. The movie is Burman's directorial debut and it's sure to pique the interest of horror and sci-fi enthusiasts everywhere. Wild Boar follows a small group of treasure seekers, also known as "Geocachers," who trek into to the desert to conquer a Geocache Challenge. Out in the wild they stumble upon a forbidden world flooded with radiation and inhabited by a race of bloodthirsty mutants who have evolved from pigs.

The Wild Boar trailer features tight spaces and quick edits that give it a claustrophobic feel, which only adds to the tension. Sand traps and water escapes are also teased, leaving the mutant human/pig hybrids a mystery. They are shown, albeit briefly, and that's what will draw viewers in. How did these pig people come to be? Why are they hunting innocent humans? Even after barely over a minute of footage, and you're hooked into the world that Barney Burman has created, even after the little extra scare that he added at the end of the trailer.

In a recent interview, Barney Burman revealed that the main idea for Wild Boar came about when his cowriter, Andrew P. Jones, suggested that they made a movie like "Planet of the Apes, but with pig people," which sent Burman's imagination running wild. Burman didn't originally set out to direct the film, but the further that the story went, the more that he got excited about the project, stating, "I'm doing this, regardless of who joins me, regardless of where the money comes from." The movie has been in the works since 2014 and is looking to get released soon.

The story for Wild Boar begins with a Geocache beacon that faintly emits from a forbidden zone. The temptation is too great for Lamb (Augie Duke), her boyfriend Wolf (Daniel Roebuck), and his brother Turtle (Jim Nieb) to pass up. With their close friends Sable (Jessica Sonneborn) and Griffin (Michael Reed), they soon find themselves in a world where they are the prey and swine are the predators.

There currently is no official release date Barney Burman's Wild Boar. The trailer just says that it will be coming soon, which we hope is true. It's been four years since the project was announced and it's time for the mutant pig people to get the premiere that they deserve. Burman says that they are currently talking to distributors in order to get the movie out to as many people as possible. Wild Boar was written by Barney Burman based on a story by Burman and Andrew P. Jones. The horror sci-fi film stars Daniel Roebuck, Augie Duke, Douglas Tait, Reina Hardesty, and Jessica Sonneborn. You can check out the bloody trailer below, thanks to the Impatient Monsters YouTube channel.

Wild Boar poster