Some old movies from TV are coming back on DVD.

In a story from Fangoria, it appears that a new company called Wild Eye Releasing is in town. They came on the scene last month with Maneaters Are Loose! This is a 1978 TV tale about tigers on the prowl in suburbia. In addition to that they released the 1976 open water thriller Shark Kill. These DVDs are currently selling for $9.99 each.

"We are dedicated to bringing marginal, forgotten and nostalgic horror and cult films into a spotlight that otherwise was not there," says Wild Eye's spokesperson Wade Wells. "This is why we have chosen to launch with a TV Movie Terror Collection line. Classic made-for-TV horror holds a sacred place in the hearts of many fans, yet has been discarded or ignored by the very studios and production companies that made them.

Wells also cautions buyers that these new discs will be lacking many frills. "We have forgone the special-features route for the first few titles, and have kept restoration costs to a minimum. Just finding complete, undamaged prints from this niche genre has taken up much time and resources in itself. So these are reasonably priced, bare-bones releases."

Wild Eye's next releases will be 1972's Crawlspace and The Devil's Daughter. These titles will be available May 1.