The Good

A very interesting show that seemed to merge two genres quite nicely. Great packaging.

The Bad

No Extra Features. This is a sci-fi show for crying out loud!

Robert Conrad stars as James West and Ross Martin stars as Artemus Gordon in The Wild Wild West: The Complete Second Season. This sci-fi/western experience features these two Secret Service agents as they serve the US at the behest of President Grant. They have a plethora of interesting gadgets, a train at their disposal and enough brains to outwit even the most brilliant of evil minds. Some of my favorite episodes were "The Night of the Man Eating House" in which our two heros must transport a sick man who wants to return Texas back to the Spanish. His diabolical way of doing it consists of infecting the state with a treacherous disease. "The Night of the Returning Dead" was a particularly inspired episode which sees James and Artemus going up against a Confederate soldier who doesn't appear like he can be killed. Lastly, "The Night of the Brain" sees our fearless heroes uncover a plot to kill all the leaders of the world and then replace them with those who look exactly like them.

With 28 hour long episodes spread out over 7 discs, The Wild Wild West: The Complete Second Season provides hours of fun for everyone. It mixes history, science fiction, and the old west in a way that it provides something for all who peruse this set.


No Extras came with this release.


Full Screen. This show, by virtue of the fact that it was captured on film, looks like the years have been good to it in the vault. I am sure that Paramount probably does something to these shows when they are compressed so that they look as solid as they do here. I didn't see any hits on the pictures, or any real dust that got in the way of my viewing experience. Wild Wild West is a very colorful looking show and all of those colors seem like they have been really well taken care of on this release.


Dolby Digital: English Mono. The audio here was good but nothing about it really grabbed me. I had to turn up the audio on my TV a little more than half way, but everything played as well as I thought it would. I loved the music for this show and it felt that it seemed to make these episodes feel almost timeless. I find that I am consistently impressed by Paramount's attention to technical detail.


Robert Conrad and James West are shown on the front of this slipcase cover both brandishing firearms as the sun shines brightly behind them. The back cover features two grainy pictures from various episodes and a tiny description of what this show is about. On the bottom of this slipcase are some technical specs. There are four slim cases which have the same front covers as the cover of the slipcase itself. The back of the covers list out all the episodes as well as airdates and descriptions. This 7 disc set feels rather weighty but it is quite easy to handle and even easier to use.

Final Word

I may have skipped seeing the movie version of this show when it came out but I was glad to catch up with the show itself. I can understand why some people might have a hard time with the premise of The Wild Wild West. It was asking people to make huge leaps of faith in logic, and at the same time it wasn't bolstering that with great special effects. Still, if I would have been watching TV in the mid-1960s, I probably would have fallen in love with this show in much the same way that I did with The A-Team. Heck, if you think about, the action in that show wasn't so much better than it was in this 7 disc set.

Robert Conrad and James West make a very strong team. They seemed to compliment one another's acting styles in addition to complementing the characters they were playing. All in all, The Wild Wild West: The Complete Second Season should make the fans of this show (and some new viewers) quite happy.

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