The Good

This well made show continues its spectacular run on DVD.

The Bad

No extras.

Western fans should be very excited that The Wild Wild West: The Complete Third Season has found its way to DVD. This six disc set clocks in at 20 hours and 11 minutes and it is sure to make this show's faithful very excited. In fact, Paramount is so high on this show they have plans to release The Wild Wild West: The Complete Fourth Season on March 18! Now how is that for belief in a TV on DVD selection?

Continuing the adventures of Agents James T. West (Robert Conrad) and Artemus Gordon (Ross Martin), we see our heroes go up against all manner of villains with a secret weapon their foes don't often have, technology. Every episode title begins with "The Night..." and these two men are always up to the challenge of whatever that brings. For example, there's one episode "The Night of the Samurai" which sees Jim and Arte doing their best to stop the US and Japan from coming to blows over an ancient sword. In "The Night of the Legion of Death," Jim and Arte find themselves face to face with a coup against the US government. Lastly, in the final episode "The Night of the Death Maker," these agents face an assassin who has set his sites on President Grant!


None. This is the kind of release that screams for them!


Full Screen Format. Once again, Paramount hits it out of the park with this release. These shows all look like small movies and they seem to have been treated as such during their production. To say that this show is well made would be an understatement. I also liked how I didn't see really any dirt or dust on the images of these shows. The fact that they have been digitally remastered definitely accounts for the sparkle that this release puts off.


Dolby Digital: English Mono. The audio on this release was nothing if not solid. It didn't really grab me for any other reason then that it sounded really crisp. When the characters would shoot off their guns (and believe you me, that happens a lot in this show), the audio was right there to make it feel like it was happening in the room. Now, I don't think the sound effects were that great for this show but for what they were things sounded just right.


The front cover of this gold and brown slipcase features our main actors, a train and a small town behind them. The back cover showcases three live action images from the show, a description of what The Wild Wild West: The Complete Third Season is about and technical specs. All 6 discs have been stored within 3 slim cases, all of which have the same front cover image as the slipcase itself. The back covers give us episode listings, descriptions and airdates. There are also more images from the show silkscreened onto the discs themselves.

Final Word

The Wild Wild West is an interesting show because there's nothing about it that has ever really grabbed me. Sure, for it's time this show probably was amazing as it bridged the old west with technology, but there has never been anything about it that has really gotten my blood racing. I am a fan of it's 1967-1968 creation period but I guess I have never felt that this show really knew for sure what it wanted to be. Perhaps that is part of its charm? We have this show that looks like Bonanza yet it incorporates aspects of the James Bond series. All of this coalesces into giving viewers a unique experience, but I find myself going on and off the main characters ride. I think that Conrad and Martin make a solid team and this show has high production values, I just wish that it felt like something a little more tangible to me.

If you love this show and have been collecting it then The Wild Wild West: The Complete Third Season needs to take up some real estate in your DVD collection.

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