Might we see the animated family from Quahog on the silver screen in the near future? Seth McFarlane says yes... and it might be live-action as well. Filmdrunk has a portion of Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane's apperance on Adam Carolla's podcast, and he revealed some interesting tidbits about a Family Guy movie.

MCFARLANE: I can say with definitive assuredness that it will be out. Within the next few years. We already know what it's gonna be. We've been trying to lock into something that makes it so that it has to be a movie, as opposed to an extended Family Guy episode. And I like The Simpsons Movie, but that's something they could do with animation on TV because they're not constrained by sets. [...] You have to find some way to make it so that it has to be a movie. RELATED: Nicholas Hoult Had to Imitate Stewie from Family Guy to Win X-Men Role

CAROLLA: Are you hinting at some live action?

MCFARLANE: Possibly, possibly. Here and there. It will not be a 90-minute Family Guy episode.

We'll be sure to update you with any developments from this potential Family Guy movie.