What's a day without some wild Batman Vs. Superman rumor? Jumping on the bandwagon this afternoon is Warner Bros. and Relativity producer Daniel Alter, who is behind the upcoming projects Kane & Lynch and Agent 47. He doesn't seem to be connected to the upcoming Man of Steel follow-up in any way, but that hasn't stopped him from teasing some new story details.

He confirms Nightwing (aka Robin) and his estrangement from Batman, while adding in a new development regarding a retired Bruce Wayne (played, as we all know, by the controversial Ben Affleck) and his use of Bat Drones to fight crime from the comfort of his barcalounger.

Now, is he just stirring the pot, hoping to see his false story details in a headline? (He succeeded!) Or does Daniel Alter actually have Intel on the screenplay for Batman Vs. Superman? It's hard to tell, because Batman using Drones isn't some wild, from left field theory. It actually sounds right on the money. Seriously, why wouldn't a crime fighting millionaire vigilante use Drones to take out the bad guys in this era? He doesn't even need to be retired to do that. And we have the tag at the end of Man of Steel, which sees Superman (Henry Cavill) taking down a Drone. Is this how the two heroes meet? Superman knocks out one of Batman's Drones, stopping a potential crime from taking place that has serious repercussions?

Who knows?

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Daniel Alter then made another tweet, this time about Star Wars: Episode VII.

Is there Star Wars: Episode VII casting news about to drop? Or is he being sarcastic about the current rumor epidemic that plagues us? We have no idea. Right now, it just seems he's trying to kick up dust. We'll let you know when and if anything breaks. And we'll certainly keep the rumor train rolling as long as you decide you want to click on these stories. (Hey, it's all just part of the interactive entertainment experience!)

B. Alan Orange