Could Alexander Skarsgard be trading in his vampire fangs for the hammer of a Norse Thunder God? According to an eagle-eyed fan over at Latino Review, the True Blood star was seen at lunch with Thor director Kenneth Branagh.

The Latino Review folks confirmed that Branagh was in the restaurant that day, so the fact that Branagh and Skarsgard were having lunch together seems to be legitimate at least. It's also worth noting that Skarsgard and Branagh are both represented by the same talent agency.

Skarsgard certainly fits the physical description provided in this /kevin-mckidd-out-as-thor/casting call obtained by Corona Coming Attractions, and his character on True Blood, Eric Northman, is also an ancient Viking warrior.

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Don't take this one as confirmation just yet, but the possibility of seeing Skarsgard in the lead of Thor certainly seems to be there.