Warning: Major Spoilers!

/iron-man-3-and-the-avengers-deleted-scene-animatics-reveal-the-wasp/Earlier this week, we showed off some Iron Man 3 and Marvel's The Avengers deleted scene animatics, one of which may hold a key clue as to who will actually voice, and may even perform via motion capture, the main villain in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. This animatic shows JARVIS' darkside in a scene originally planned for Marvel's The Avengers, with Loki gleefully manipulating the virtual butler.

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As you can see, JARVIS enjoys being a bad guy.

Its being circulated this morning that Paul Bettany, the voice of JARVIS in all of the Iron Man movies, will actually be playing Ultron. Which makes sense, as its being hinted that the villain is an accidental creation of Tony Stark, not Hank Pym as it was written in the comic books.

Unleash the Fanboy claims this bit of casting news came directly from a source at Disney. They reveal that JARVIS, or some form of his AI software, will become Ultron. This is what the source had to say.

" That's the plan so far from what I've heard. Obvious, isn't it?"

The source goes onto say that the actor has a new contract with Marvel Studios, which may hint that Paul Bettany is going to be performing Ultron via motion capture.

"He's returning, but I'm not sure if they're doing motion capture with him, or if they'll use someone else. Since he's only done voiceovers, the contract is new."
Paul Bettany is rumored to play Ultron in the upcoming Avengers sequel
Unleash the Fanboy's source was unable to offer any more detailed information. This latest rumor opens up a whole lot of new questions regarding the story behind The Avengers: Age of Ultron. If Tony Stark is the surrogate father, will he have the same Oedipal conflict with Ultron that Hank Pym had in the comic books? Ultron ultimately wanted to kill Pym and steal his wife, The Wasp. Will Ultron now want to kill off Tony and have his way with Pepper Potts?

Its also being speculated that, since Ultron is the creator of Vision, who has a human visage, and the fact that Scarlet Witch is in this sequel, Paul Bettany will be playing Vision as well, sometime in the future. If anything, that certainly makes sense and falls in line with what we've seen so far in the Marvel cinematic universe. Don't worry, all will be revealed soon enough.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of JARVIS turning into Ultron? Do you like Paul Bettany for the role? Should he also play Vision? These are enough questions to keep any fanboy awake at night until the arrival of summer 2015.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange