Our friends over at IESB have gotten ahold of a new Thor rumor that sees an additional character being added to the already existing script written by Mark Protosevich. The film, which will be directed by Kenneth Branagh, was originally set to take place in Thor's native land of Asgard with no mention of the modern world. But that looks to have changed.

According to sources close to IESB, the updated Thor story will now include the character of Donald Blake, and his introduction is essential in how Marvel plans to tie this film into the Iron Man and The Avengers timelines. The initial plot will focus on the ancient times of the Norse Gods. But the ending will now explain how Donald Blake discovered the magical Norse hammer Mjolnir and essentially turned into Thor.

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At this time, this is nothing more than a rumor. We will keep you updated as more information comes in. Thor is set for a July 15th, 2010, release date.