Will Kal-El die in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? That's a question being asked today as Bleeding Cool reports that their sources have seen designs for the DC Comics character Doomsday that will be used in the movie.

As many comic book fans know, Doomsday was the villain that killed Kal-El in an epic battle that spanned across all of DC's Superman titles in 1992. He was created by Dan Jurgens. The character has recently returned in the New 52 Superman run of comics in the crossover event Doomed by Scott Lobdell. But it doesn't seem likely that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be borrowing from this more recent storyline.

Bleeding Cool speculates that Doomsday may be brought in solely for flashbacks, or a retrospective on the life and death of Superman. More likely, the designs are for the promotional side of the film. Many times, with both DC Comics and Marvel, characters will be created for action figure lines that never appear in the actually film itself. This recently happened with Red Skull and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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Even if Doomsday is in the film, it's doubtful that he is there to kill Superman. This is the Dawn of the Justice League, not the dusk. What do you guys think? Doomsday has been the subject of several Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice rumors in the past, and he was teased in the Man of Steel Blu-ray special features. But we'll have to wait until we hear official word from Warner Bros. and DC before we become true beleivers.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange