Comedian and actor Will Ferrell was taken to the hospital last night after the SUV he was riding in was side-swiped by another car. The SUV was completely flipped on its roof, with the crash happening on the I-5 freeway at around 11 PM last night. The actor was one of three people in the SUV, which was being driven by a chauffeur, with the actor returning from a Funny Or Die event in San Diego, where he appeared as his Anchorman character, Ron Burgundy.

The actor didn't suffer any serious injuries, as a video taken from the scene, which you can see below, shows the actor in good spirits, talking on his cell phone while laying on a gurney and being lifted into an ambulance. Sources revealed this morning that Will Ferrell was released from the hospital and that he's doing well, having not suffered any serious injuries. However, witnesses stated that a woman in Will Ferrell's vehicle was more seriously injured, said to have been bleeding profusely on the scene, although there is no word on her identity.

Will Ferrell, the unidentified woman, and another passenger were all taken to the hospital after the car crash, although there is no word on the condition of the other passengers. There were open beer bottles on the scene, which were seen on the road after the SUV that Will Ferrell was riding in was pulled upright, although it isn't clear what vehicle the beer bottles came from. There is no indication yet if alcohol had played any sort of factor in the accident or not. There is also no indication if the individual who was driving the car that side-swiped the SUV Will Ferrell was driving in was injured, or if that individual was charged with a crime in relation to the accident.

Will Ferrell is coming off two comedies in 2017, the original movie The House, which he starred in alongside Amy Poehler, and the comedy sequel Daddy's Home 2, where he reunited with Daddy's Home star Mark Wahlberg, with John Lithgow and Mel Gibson portraying their fathers, respectively. He also appeared in the TV series No Activity and hosted Saturday Night Live in January, where he brought back his infamous George W. Bush impersonation from his heyday as a cast member on the hit NBC late night sketch comedy series.

Will Ferrell has two movies in post-production that are both slated to debut in theaters later this year. Holmes & Watson, which reunites the actor with his Talladega Nights and Step Brothers co-star John C. Reilly, hits theaters on November 9, with Ferrell playing Holmes and Reilly playing Watson. The supporting cast is rounded out by Ralph Fiennes as the iconic villain Moriarty, Hugh Laurie as Holmes' brother Mycroft, Rebecca Hall as Dr. Grace Hart and Kelly Macdonald as Mrs. Hudson. Will Ferrell is also part of the all-star ensemble of Zeroville, from director James Franco. The cast also includes Seth Rogen, Megan Fox, Joey King, Craig Robinson, director James Franco, his brother Dave Franco, Danny McBride and Jacki Weaver, just to name a few. You can take a look at the brief video from the scene of the crash, which was first reported by TMZ.

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