Kicking and Screaming: According to Variety, one week into production on Will Ferrell soccer comedy Kicking & Screaming, Universal is switching directors. Jesse Dylan, who helmed U's American Wedding, will take over for Marco Schnabel.

The film is shooting during a narrow window of availability in Ferrell's busy schedule, who is due to start Bewitched for Columbia this summer. Late last year, he wrapped a Woody Allen film and Focus Features' Winter Passing.

The movie is a comic story of a father and son working out their issues on the soccer field. Ferrell plays the reluctant coach of his 10-year-old son's team who left the game after his overly competitive father, played by Robert Duvall, made his life miserable when he played as a kid. Duvall's character, who has a young son of his own, coaches another team in the league, putting father and son at loggerheads once again.