The long gestating big screen adaptation of Sid & Marty Krofft's Saturday morning live-action TV series Land of the Lost has finally gotten the go-ahead at Universal. According to Variety, the Will Ferrell project will star shooting this March.

The plot of the original show revolved around Marshal, Will, and Holly, a family on a routine expedition in the mountains. There, they encountered the greatest earthquake ever known. In a cave, battling rapids, the earthquake struck their tiny raft. Thus, plunging them a thousand feet below into the Land of the Lost. It was here that they encountered a hairy Mongoloid named Chaka, the nefarious Sleestaks, and numerous scary dinosaurs including a T-Rex nicknamed Grumpy.

Chris Henchy and Dennis McNicholas wrote the current draft of the screenplay, which finds Farrell as a disgraced paleontologist who finds himself in the Land of the Lost with his assistant and a macho tour guide. Seeing as how these are completely new characters, they could even conceivably encounter the aged Marshal family who has been missing since the early 70s.

The film will most likely open in the summer of 2009.