Will we see George Clooney back as Dr. Doug Ross one last time? It seems that might be in the cards. According to TV Guide, plans are in place to bring back George Clooney, Julianna Margulies and other original cast members back for the final season of ER.

Executive producer David Zabel has already locked in two original cast members - Anthony Edwards and Noah Wyle - to return for the show's 15th and final season and he is, "optimistic that we might be able to get them all. We have a really good story line for every [major] character from the past to show [the actors] what we want to do."

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Apparently storylines have been created for five of the six original cast members, Clooney, Margulies, Wyle, Edwards and Eriq LaSalle. It isn't believed that the sixth, Sherry Stringfield, will return. Zabel has been in communication with Clooney, Margulies and LaSalle about their possible return to the show.