While it will certainly be incredibly difficult to beat the overall box office record that Avatar has set earlier this year, it seems a superhero sequel could be taking aim at the opening weekend box office record. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that newly-released tracking surveys indicate that Iron Man 2 is tracking incredibly high in terms of awareness and interest, which could lead to the sequel breaking The Dark Knight's $158.4 million opening weekend box office record. Here's an excerpt from the article.

Thanks in part to Downey, the Paramount-distributed film is drawing as much (strong) interest among women over 30 as it is among women in their 20s, the tracking surveys show. Males in their teens and 20s are so keen on the film they may as well dress up in an iron suit. About the only people who aren't fully sold are teen girls, but there are signs of robustness there too.
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The first Iron Man, also opening on the first weekend of May, took in a hefty $98.6 million on opening weekend and grossed $318.4 million. The site said that, according to these tracking numbers, Iron Man 2, "should pulverize that figure."