Will Smith will heli-bungee jump over the Grand Canyon after excepting the challenge from hardcore fans of the actor/rapper. The Yes Theory are two gigantic admirers of Smith who figure he's not scared of anything after fighting off aliens in Men in Black, hostile mutants in I am Legend, and surviving Suicide Squad with Jared Leto's Joker. Smith has even been interviewed about his previous fear of skydiving, which he conquered, so that got the Yes Theory thinking about a way to meaningfully connect with their hero.

The Yes Theory released a video challenging Will Smith to a heli-bungee jump session after listing the reasons why they admire him. One portion of the video is Smith talking about his fear of skydiving and how he overcame it by just doing it with a group of friends, stating that he's motivated by the "fear of fear." The actor claims that it's useless and a waste of time to have fear in one's life and has decided to live his life in that way ever since. This, along with many other of Will Smith's charitable actions have inspired and named the Yes Theory group.

Now, a few weeks after the initial challenge from the Yes Theory, Will Smith has made a hilarious, but sincere, response and upped the ante in the process. Smith put together a 4-minute video, looking at all of the different angles, even using a drone to mock up a heli-jump with a Men in Black action figure. He later accepts the challenge on the condition that they do it for charity and that they do it over the Grand Canyon. Smith even jokingly calls Tom Cruise about piloting the helicopter.

The Yes Theory group have yet to publicly respond to Will Smith's acceptance of their challenge as of this writing, but one can imagine that their pretty excited, if not a little more freaked out than they were before. Bungee jumping out of a helicopter is one thing but doing it over the Grand Canyon is a whole other level of insanity. Let that be a warning for anybody thinking of challenging Will Smith any time soon.

Will Smith did have some conditions though. He has to complete the current movie that he's working on as he cannot do any crazy stunts while under contract, which makes perfect sense. Will Smith recently launched his own YouTube channel in December and it quickly amassed nearly a million subscribers while simultaneously launching his Instagram account, which currently has over 11 million followers. Smith has been putting up some pretty funny original work, including good natured troll of his son Jaden's recent hit single where he reenacted the music video. You can check out the acceptance of the heli-bungee challenge below, thanks to Will Smith's YouTube channel.

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Kevin Burwick