A new viral video has been making the rounds featuring Will Smith getting his front teeth knocked out. In the video, Smith is giving pop star Jason Derulo an indoor golf lesson. As Derulo goes back to swing, Smith warns against it, but Derulo does it any way and makes contact with Smith's face, allegedly knocking out his front teeth. To retaliate, Smith takes a driver and goes after Derulo, hitting him in the genitals.

An image released after the video finds Will Smith and Jason Derulo sitting together with Smith's front teeth looking mangled. While the image certainly looks real, this is a type of stunt that Derulo has pulled off before, which also involved teeth. Back in May, the singer attempted to eat corn while it was attached to a power drill and he allegedly chipped his teeth in the process. However, his teeth look perfectly fine now in the images he posted with Smith over the weekend.

It appears that Will Smith and Jason Derulo were just doing what they do best over the weekend: entertaining people. Smith has yet to confess that it was all a goof, as of this writing. He and Derulo have been getting in on some quarantine hijinks over the past few months and people have been having a good time watching them, especially since they seem to have some pretty decent production value. It doesn't hurt that both men seem to also be having a lot of fun making them. As it turns out, boredom gets to everybody, even millionaires as they continue to stay indoors.

There's a lot going on in the world, so it's nice to see Will Smith and Jason Derulo attempt to shift attention to something positive. With that being said, there seems to be a lot of people attempting to bring some entertainment to the world. The National Hockey League has started up games again (without live crowds) and they thanked their "fans" over the weekend by showing some literal fans in the stands instead of humans. The Kansas City Royals baseball team may have won the fan game when they put a cut-out of Bernie Lomax from Weekend At Bernie's in the stands, which quickly went viral.

In addition to what the world is going through, Will Smith also had to publicly address a pretty dark time in his marriage with Jada Pinkett Smith. The couple admitted that they had briefly split up and that Pinkett was in a relationship with rapper August Alsina, which they originally denied to the public. However, they later admitted that it was true in a lengthy discussion that also went viral. For Smith, getting his teeth knocked out was probably a lot better than having to go through all of that darkness again. You can check out the golf lesson video above, thanks to Will Smith's Instagram account.