The question everybody wants to know is: Will Tina Fey make an appearance as Sarah Palin on the upcoming 34th season premier of Saturday Night Live this Saturday night? Well, the verdict is still out.

While talking with Lorne Michaels about the upcoming season opener, which is set to star Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, Media Bistro asked the longtime SNL producer if Fey was also going to be making an appearance. He responded by asking, "This Saturday or ever?" he then continued with, "We had something on Sarah Palin yesterday at the read-through. But with the Charlie Gibson interview tonight, things will change again... It's a sort of shifting target."

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He then purposely failed to answer the question, which is a good sign that Fey will most likely be on the show. The new season of SNL kicks off this Saturday, September 13th, 2008.