The quirky comic Will Triumph Fights Alone has been optioned to become an ongoing series by ABC Family Channel. Speaking to MTV's Splashpage, the creators of the comic Dave Child, Kal-El Bogdanove and Jon Bogdanove, explained a bit about the premise of the series and how it has evolved from a screenplay to a comic series and now into a television series.

Will Triumph Fights Alone tells the story of rookie superhero Will Triumph. Will is the son of a powerful superhero duo who were known as the Dynamics until they fell in battle against their nemesis, Dr. Loricas. Will receives his parents' Rings of Power - however the rings will only function for a married couple. The comic then follows Will as he not only struggles to undo Dr. Loricas' wrong-doings, but also seeks the right girl for him to become the hero he is meant to be.

Will Triumph actually began as a screenplay by Child and Kal-El Bogdanove. "I actually think we've been creating Will Triumph for the last three years," Child said. "It started off as a feature screenplay that Kal-El and I wrote in college, and I think there's still a super suit in a warehouse somewhere sculpted to fit the ass of our talented actor friend, Pat De Nicola. It marks the days when we were going to make the Will Triumph film on our own dime." After realizing that the story of Will Triumph was more than could fit into a single movie, Child and Kal-El teamed up with Jon Bogdanove, as well as Stephen Christy at Devil's Due Publishing to transform the screenplay into a comic. Later on, Christy pitched the series to ABC Family, and now the series is in development.

Although there is not yet a timeline in place, the creators are looking forward to seeing Will Triumph on television screens. "It's extremely exciting to be part of that process," said Jon Bogdnaove. "The needs and demands of comic books aren't always the same as the needs of television or film, so I'm having fun addressing the concerns of both media at the same time. I hope to reconcile the two well enough so that the TV show looks like the comic, and the comic looks like the TV show."

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