A new addition to an extremely popular ABC series has been revealed, in an appropriately mysterious way. Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse left a puzzling post on his Twitter account, which lead to the reveal that William Atherton would guest star in the upcoming final season of Lost.

Cuse originally posted the following tweet, "Damon and I are die hard fans of this impeckable actor who keeps the barr high and just signed to guest star on the show. Life is good." Cuse's followers picked up on the hints that Atherton starred in Die Hard, his character name in Ghostbusters was Walter Peck, he played Dr. Barr in Desperate Housewives and also starred in Life. Cuse confirmed Atherton in a tweet an hour after the original tweet, "For those who guessed correctly... congrats! It is William Atherton."

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Of course, it wasn't said what role Atherton would play, but we'll sure to keep you posted on any new Lost updates as soon as we have more information. The final season is set to kick off in January.