The Devil's Rejects: According to the director's official website, William Forsythe has joined the cast of the House of 1000 Corpses sequel.

Here is the biggest Devil's Rejects news yet! Everyone has been asking us who is playing Sheriff John Wydell brother of slain Lt. George (Tom Towles) Wydell in House of 1000 Corpses. The actor filling this very important role in The Devil's Rejects is none other than William (Raising Arizona, The Rock, City By The Sea, Things to Do In Denver When You're Dead, Once upon A TIme In America) Forsythe.

Zombie had this to say, "I was fucking thrilled when William signed onto the film. He has exactly the heavy, menacing presence needed to make Sheriff Wydell more than a match for Otis, Spaulding and Baby. Sheriff Wydell is gonna be one tough motherfucker".