"I don't think the film's about four guys having a mid-life crisis as much as four guys who are trying to regain something"

William H. Macy has had a long film career, playing mostly dramatic roles. He has also supplied the voices to several animated characters and last year he became the narrator for the PBS series Curious George. Currently Macy can be seen in the comedy, Wild Hogs.

"I rode bikes when I was a kid," he says about motorcycle riding, which is something he had to do extensively in the new film. "And I had a bike the first time I moved to L.A., I had a Honda, and I got around on that, but I'd never ridden Harleys," he explains. "So I went to Harley school [for the movie]. Not really, but we learned how to ride Harleys for about a week." He shyly admitted, "I dropped the bike once. Just because we had to pull in and put the kickstand down, and climb off very quickly, and I did all of that except the part about putting the kickstand [down]. The bike fell. They roll if you don't put the kickstand down," he jokes in a monotone voice. But now he says he's "hooked" on riding.

"I don't think the film's about four guys having a mid-life crisis as much as four guys who are trying to regain something," Macy comments about the new movie. "One of the things that I love about it, what I love about it is that these guys adore each other, but they don't know how to say it. They don't know how to express it. And because they face this danger together, it never has to be stated, but it's more palpable at the end of the film," he says with genuine feeling. "And secondly, I think it's four guys who are tired of being afraid, just afraid all the time, they're afraid of saying the wrong thing, of not being there when they're needed, they're afraid in their jobs - the whole thing, they're just afraid. ... One of the things about the whole Harley motorcycle culture is that it's a little bit renegade, and it's a little bit dangerous, and then it gets intensified when they run afoul of this other motorcycle gang, and they stand up for once in their lives. So it's not about the midlife crisis as much as, four guys who need to sort of plant their flag." He adds, "At any age."

In March Macy will turn 57 years old, and looks like he's 45! His gentle demeanor comes across in all his roles. Viewers will remember him in The Cooler, "Stealing Sinatra," "The Wool Cap," and Bobby, where his quiet calmness comes through in his characters.

According to Macy, he feels men don't communicate as well as women, which is something about which he seems genuinely disappointed. "I think women are a lot better [at keeping in touch]. I think women are better - especially after marriage and kids - women are a lot better at staying in touch with their friends, and guys have a tendency to isolate."

William H. Macy is married to actress Felicity Huffman and they have two children. Macy has several projects in the works. He is a hard working actor who has proven himself over and over again. His talent is only surpassed by his sweet disposition.

Wild Hogs opens March 2nd and is rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content, and some violence.