Where is Mama's Boy?: According to Variety, "American Idol" reject William Hung has returned to his Hong Kong homeland to add movie star to his fast-expanding entertainment resume.

Filming has begun on action comedy Where Is Mama's Boy?, co-starring Hong Kong vet Nancy Sit, who persuaded producers My Way Film Co. to cast Hung after learning of him on a trip to the U.S.

My Way is lining up a second pic for Hung, an as-yet-unnamed project in the vein of "Spy Kids."

Filming for Hung's second film is slated to begin in October/November, according to Jeremy Cheung, My Way's managing director.

"Where Is Mama's Boy?" is shooting in Guangzhou, China, and will be completed by the end of August. Hung then returns to UC Berkeley, where he is studying civil engineering.

The film, about a mother searching for her lost son, will be released in Hong Kong at the end of October. It has pre-sold to China, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Third pic on My Way's production schedule is "Shaolin vs. Evil Dead Part II." Sci-fi actioner, starring Gordon Liu (Kill Bill), will begin shooting in December with a budget of nearly $900,000. The pic will mark action choreographer Yip Wing-kin's first outing as helmer.